Discuss How Yolen’s Perspective on Personal Discovery Is Conveyed in Briar Rose.

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Discuss how Yolen’s perspective on personal discovery is conveyed in Briar Rose. Jane Yolen conveys the idea about personal discovery by taking the reader on journey with the characters. This journey helps the characters find out who they are and where they belong. It is not easy trying to understand oneself. Throughout the novel the readers see the characters form strong relationships with one another, and stick together through the hard and good times. This helps the characters find out who they really are. Every character has their own dark past which they to keep hidden. But in the novel Yolen shows the readers it is always better to come out of the wardrobe then to stay hidden and not be found. Becca’s editor Stan says, “I…show more content…
The 175ers. This is symbolic because it is humiliating for people to categories people into different groups because of their sexuality, religion and gender. He escapes the concentration camp and meets a man named Avenger who finds an unconscious woman in a pile of dead bodies. Avenger and Josef take turns giving her CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation). “ Avenger using the medical school method lifting her arms up and down and when he was tired, Josef breathing into her mouth. And it was into Josef’s mouth that she, at last sputtered and coughed.” The use of the metaphor shows that Josef is seen as a vey heroic man. As the women lived on, the gang gave Gemma a name: Ksiezniczka, which means princess in polish. Josef and Gemma had a platonic love relationship with each other. “Somehow, by breathing life into the girl, by naming her, he had become a person of consequence, had all unwitting become their leader”. Josef doesn’t know who he is, but after the experience of saving Gemma’s life, he finds his identity. Josef knew a lot about human suffering, individuals will sacrifice themselves for a cause- put the greater good before their own safety. But most are reluctant heroes- the Jews had to decide between self-preservation and doing something to help. “If necessary we will kill them with our bare hands”. He said in his growl of a voice but Josef noted with some detachment that he not offer to give up is own gun. The use of dialogue

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