Discuss How and Why Particular Research Methods Are Used at the Biological Level of Analysis

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Learning outcome: Discuss how and why particular research method are used at the biological level of analysis.
The biological level of analysis in psychology refers to the study of how human behaviour, thoughts and emotions can be affected and affect the biological factors/ physiology of human body. Laboratory experiments, case studies and correlation studies are the three main research methods applied in supporting the principles of the biological of analysis in psychology.
First, laboratory experiments. Laboratory experiments are research methods that help to establish cause-effect relationship between two variables. They are applied for developing the casual relationship of manipulated variables which help to increase psychological
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This research shows that case study has high validity as it is appropriate to apply study results to intended population with high ecological validity. However, it has low reliability as it can be retested resulting low test-retest reliability. Different researcher might also have different observations under controlled environment on the participants ' behaviour resulting low inter-rater reliability.
Third, correlation study. Correlation study is the record of the scores on two or more measures for establishing a relationship between them. The process of correlation study does not necessary involves in manipulating independent variables which might damage the participant. Correlation study is applied widely as it is important for developing the link between genetics and behaviour, especially in the context of studying the frequency of the second family member having a particular characteristic proven that his/her family has it. It also contributes widely on establishing the relationship between brain activity and behaviour or the relationship between cognition and emotion. Take note that no causation is established in this level of research method. Heston, 1966 is a research held through correlation study research method for the purpose of discovering the relationship between schizophrenia and genetic information transmitted from parents. During the research process, researcher focused on investigating the
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