Discuss How the Family, Education, Religion, Media, Political and Legal Systems Are Used to Maintain Social Control”

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One can construe a linkage between social order and social control. For society to exist there must be order and predictability and to ensure this some measures are to be taken. As such social control is simply all the mechanisms a society would put in place to ensure conformity and compliance of its members. This is significant to the economy to guarantee that people live in peace and that crime rates decrease in order for society to move towards a developed status. The Caribbean of all societies need to have proper social control mechanisms in place if they are to develop economically, socially and politically especially for tourism to build. For instance, Tobago has a very low hotel occupancy rate due to the crime situation within the…show more content…
It speaks about the values of society, generally what is right and wrong while criticizing the activities of criminals and political ‘extremists’. In contrast to the previously stated, there is also a formal control which consists of all the official rules and laws of society that are enforced by specially created agencies such as the army, judges, litter wardens, prison officers and the police exercise different aspects of control. The state pays them and is given the power of arrest so that they can catch, judge and punish anyone who contravenes the law while using it as example for other members of society. For example, speeding tickets are given to people who drive above the legal sleep limit. Additionally the political system is the type of governing system. The people who we elect are the people to set the standards and create legislation whereby we abide. Thus far, it is evident just how each institution such as the family, education, religion, media, political and legal systems are used to maintain social control within a society. Also noted were the consequences or sanctions for each if people were to deviate from such norms. From the above, two natures of social control is seen. The first is that social rules are applied for the benefit of everyone and that the law is a reflection of the feelings of the people. The alternative approach is that the laws

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