Discuss Some Issue of Personal, Local, National, or International Concern and Its Importance to You.

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Discuss some issue of personal, local, national, or international concern and its importance to you.

An issue can be of a personal, local, national or even international concern. What if the issue is of such gravity that it not only affects you as an individual person, a community, or even a nation but spells danger, havoc and chaos for mankind and humanity itself. Imagine what if the issue under discussion is an act of sabotage equally dangerous and destructive for countries like the United States and United Kingdom as it is for comparatively poor third world countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan. Wait a second, did someone say ‘equally’ dangerous and destructive?? I indeed am referring to Terrorism, the war on terror and its
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We lost lives, our economy is a mess, and no foreign investor is willing to invest in Pakistan. No sporting events take place any more and are shifted to other places due to security concerns. The tourism industry is as good as a rotten egg is for making an omelet. People are scared to leave their houses.
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