Discuss Spirituality And How It Can Influence Individuals ' Faith And Affect Their Way Of Prosper

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How Spiritual Am I?
Stephanie Hernandez
Azusa Pacific University

The purpose of this paper is to discuss spirituality and how it can influence individuals’ faith and affect their way of prosper in their chosen religion. Spirituality applies a connection with faith; both create confidence and trust in searching for a meaning for life or a superior being, depending on the individual’s chosen religion. The research completed for this paper was determined from the results of Stephen P. Robbins’ self-assessment test IV.A.4: How Spiritual Am I? From the results and conclusion, the self-assessment presented that I have a high spirituality score. Since a child, I was raised to understand my spirituality and use of faith as
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Adding before calculating the score, the self-assessment test explains to first reverse-code statement 8, where one measures at strongly agrees and five measures at strongly disagrees. When finished with the self-assessment test, I calculated my score according to the scoring key. All scores would range between 8 and 40, the higher the score, the higher your spirituality is. I scored a 34, which indicates that my belief in spirituality is high and I am pleased to say I agree with this result. I will provide a few examples for why I agree with my results. Spirituality What is spirituality? Everyone has it however not all understand what it is exactly. Individuals can experience and express spiritually differently. It can be confused with religion or ghosts (Lepherd, 2015). For many years, there have been many definitions and descriptions of spirituality; it is described as the search of the meaning of life, alleviation of suffering, or creating inner peace in an individual. Which explains how spirituality is made useful for meditation and practicing yoga. Each person’s spirituality is different from others because according to his article, ‘Spirituality: Everyone has it, but what is it,’ Laurence Lepherd (2015) explains, “People have [different levels] of depth or intensity of spirituality, from [person to person].” Seeing that the higher my score is determines how more
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