Discuss The Five Levels Of Abraham Maslow

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Abraham Maslow (1908-1970) was a famous American psychologist who studied positive human qualities and the lives of examplatary person. He was best know for his research of human “needs”. In fact, “the work of psychologist Abraham Maslow in the are of human “needs” has had a mojor impact on mangagement”. He described a need as “A physiological or psychological deficiency that a person want to satisfy”, he believed that when one need is satisfied, a person will seek to fulfill the next one and so on, suggesting that needs can be used to influence a person’s work attitudes and behaviors as. He also placed needs in the five levels, arranged in a hierarchy, in his famous 1943 article “A Theory of Human Motivation”. From lowest to highest level, they are physiological needs,…show more content…
The first is Physiological needs. This lowest level consists of the most basic needs that are essential to survival, such as the need for oxygen (breathing), water, food, sleep, and sex. These needs are believed to be the most basic and instinctive in the hierarchy because if we do not satisfy physiological needs first, we will not be able to survive. All other needs become secondary until these needs are satisfied These needs can and tend to drive one’s behavior. For example, when one is thirsty, one does not usually care about any other things that one could or should do but the need to drink. 2. Given the fulfillment of physiological needs, safety needs are next on the hierarchy. These include needs for safety and security. “Safety needs refer not only to personal security but also the desire for an “Ordered” and “Predictable World” (Marc, …). It is human’s natural desire for a predictable and orderly world and to survive in favorable, safe conditions. In today's society, safety needs would include: savings accounts, insurance policies, job security, financial security and emotional
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