Discuss The Hierarchy Levels Of Strategy For Asdith Business Level

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1. Describe the hierarchy levels of strategy for Asdith health services. The hierarchy levels of strategy • Corporate level It is a first level of hierarchy level of the strategy which includes the overall scope of the organization structure and it also included the different type of value added in the different parts of function. In AHS, according o this level its is also include the staff from local community like doctor, lawyer, educator, include the wide range of information system which include the staff reaching ill the end and renewal of contract. • Business level Business level help to make successful in the particular marketing .under this the main aim here is to increases the value of the business for the stakeholder by increasing brand awareness and value perceived by the customer. Company mainly established in 1995 and it was a fist kind of san Francisco. Now a day they have proliferation of healthcare provider already spread through the outskirt of the loss angles and they also provided same kind of services across 225 healthcare. • Operational level This level is the third level of the strategic level, which is direct concern about the successful implementation the strategic decision made in above two levels. 2. Case 2 Decision on the investments across the organization was made by the department heads, with out the senior management or governance consultation. Where department head of organization making decision but it cause more
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