Discuss The Importance Of Communication Barriers To Effective Communication

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As practitioners it is essential that we work together as a team and communicate effectively with children, young people, families, other practitioners and professionals, successful team depends on co-operation and skills of team members, being a good team member includes beginning to express one’s own ideas and encouraging others, with good communication skills as stated by Forgas. (1985), Communication is a real source of power in most groups: knowing what is happening, being able to contribute to and influence the group’s actions is essential for a satisfying membership. Social psychologists have studied extensively the consequences of more or less open group communication systems on group performance and satisfaction.
By working together as a team practitioners are able to recognize any speech, language and communication difficulties, of course, the earlier practitioners notice any delays the quicker the child will be able to have support from other agencies.

When communicating with practitioners and other professionals it is essential that we have accurate information and communicate using the correct method. As known by many Communication is a key aspect whilst working with children and young people, by receiving and using good communication skills it helps avoid any misunderstandings and helps practitioners understand the needs of the children and young people in their care. Effective communication gives practitioners the ability to respect, trust, and care,
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