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Beaujorne Sirad Ramirez
Philo 201

The Implications of Crito in the Formation of the Philosophical Mind

Crito was one of the important five dialogues of Plato about his teacher/character Socrates who underwent trial and death. In this work entitled Crito, Socrates refused the proposal of Crito that escaping into exile than drinking the hemlock would be of better option. This means that the discussion will be on the Socrates as expounded on Crito rather than the historical Socrates.

Crito is composed of two characters, namely: Socrates and Crito. Socrates is the gadfly of Athens accused of corrupting the youth. He has a death sentence by drinking the hemlock. On the other hand, Crito is a wealthy man of the same age of Socrates who supported Socrates in the trial and who frequently visited Socrates in prison. Crito has many important Themes.
These themes are the relevance of friendship, the importance of the law, and
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Crito acknowledged that Socrates will be missed so much with the decision given by the jury though Crito told Socrates that there is a possible other way to be relieved from such sentence. Though one can see the authenticity of Crito’s words, Socrates didn’t give in to such request given that Crito and his friends will pay so that Socrates may escape. Socrates posited that the laws of the city state is higher than the friendship that they have.

For the relevance of the law, it is obvious that Crito loves the plurality of ideas coming from many people and Crito values reputation as one of his favorite traits. The importance of the law cannot be understood by Crito since the sentimentality about the loss of Socrates was so crucial for him that he is willing to give up being reasonable in the city state. One can see how Socrates values the “reasonableness” of the laws of the city obliging him to obey such
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