Discuss The Positive Effects Of Civil Disobedience

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Many people today are protesting for their rights and what they say are their freedoms with civil disobedience which is the act of opposing a law one considers unjust and peacefully disobeying it while accepting the consequences. The 2016 election caused major diversity between Conservatives and Liberals, and along with these divisions, many are arguing for their own rights as for what they believe. Peaceful resistance to laws does not necessarily impact a free society negatively or positively, but if it is a resistance for the right reason, one may think it has a positive effect on a free society.
One example of civil disobedience having a positive effect on a free society is the case of Rosa Parks. Rosa Parks stood up for herself and others on behalf of the law for a reason that would soon change history. She took a major step into improving society by going against the Jim Crow Laws that were in place during that time of 1955 promoting segregation. By refusing to let a white man sit in her seat, Parks started a resistance that later helped lead to the end of segregation in the south. This is one case in which civil disobedience
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Pro-life supporters use civil disobedience because they want to protect their view on life by peacefully going against the pro-choice organization, Planned Parenthood. Pro-life supporters want to take a stand to show the importance of life and how every human being is valuable and has a purpose. They resist the movement of Planned Parenthood because it goes against their belief whereas, pro-choice supporters use civil disobedience to protect their view on the issue of life saying it is always the woman's choice. Each side shows their support for their view on the issue, but the problem is that this caused major division between the two sides. Not everyone is going to have the same view, but this has caused division in a free society. It could be a while before the country settles on one
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