Discuss The Pros And Cons Of Legalization Of Marijuana

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1a. Summarize the pros and cons of legalization of marijuana Marijuana has several medicinal benefits. For example, it assist with problems associated to muscle spasms, chronic pain, nausea, weight loss and much more. With the legalization of marijuana more people would have access to experimenting with it to see if it helps their medical issues. This will also decrease the amount of drug related crimes by 52% allowing a greater focus on other more dangerous drug crimes (American Civil Liberties Union, n.d.) On the other hand, negative consequences include breathing difficulties, increased heart rate, psychological dependency, reduced immune system, and much more. Personally, I feel that it is our responsibly as a society to educated individuals on the …show more content…

What prescription pain medications are being abused? Commonly abused prescription drugs include Oxycodone, Xanax, Adderall, Vicodin, Percocet, Valium, and much more (National Institution of Drug Addiction, 2012).
2b. What does it mean to abuse pain medication? Prescription abuse is when an individual uses medication for unintended purposes or in unintended manners or doses.
2c. Why is this a problem? What are the dangers of side effects of the abuse? Prescription drugs are often times easily obtainable and highly addictive. Depending on the type of drug there are different side effects. However, all have negative effects and many are easy to overdose on.
2c. What is a possible solution? Of course, there is no simple fix-all solution for this issue. It is something that need to be prevented by all involved members including pharmacy companies, doctors, and patients. They can all watch out for potential risk factors and ensure the patient is aware of the proper instructions. Patients should never take medications they are not prescribed and if they find themselves beginning to abuse the medication they should consult with their physician immediately (National Institute of Drug Addiction,

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