Discuss The Relationship Between The HRM And CSR Relationship

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1) THE HRM-CSR RELATIONSHIP The correlation between HRM and CSR has recently been acknowledged (Buciuniene & Kazlauskaite, 2012; Pless et al., 2012) and while there are studies solely focusing on the role of HRM in developing CSR practices (ref) there have been other studies recognizing the two-way relationship (ref). According to my understanding of the two distinct disciplines, the relationship can be studied from the CSR to HRM perspective which enables the development of HRM policies and practices under a moral and ethical lens, and from the HRM to CSR link which focuses on the roles of HRM in the development and implementation of CSR strategy. I believe that there are mutual beneficial aspects of constructing a two-way HRM-CSR relation, however this study will maintain a realistic approach and HRM has a stronger grasp in corporate affairs compered to CSR management. This is due to mainly two reasons: first, HRM has been widely developed in research since early 1920s being therefore more utilized within corporations while CSR is a concept taking momentum now and still broadly debated. Second, there is more evidence about HRM acting as a corporate facilitator to reach positive a profitable outcomes compered to CSR strategies which are still discussed among business and political parties. Therefore, in order to produce a conceptual tool that can be substantially used the emphases will be given to the role of HRM in developing CSR policies. 1.1 THE CROSS-CULTURAL
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