Discuss The Role Of Specialization In Health Care

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Health care is considered one of the nation’s largest industries and one of the largest employment sectors. The Department of Labor estimates that 13.8 million people, or approximately 10% of the U.S. workforce, are employed in the health care industry. In addition, about 4 million new healthcare jobs in the next decade will be created. The differences on health professionals are educated in separate school but with considerable overlap in curricula and training requirements. The training and work are expected to be integrated together after graduation. Moreover, the credentialing and regulations in each different health care professionals are regulated by the government to protect the safety of the public. This is due to the different responsibilities and scope of each professionals.
The first advantage of this is cost effectiveness in the health care system. Filling in the physician gaps in rural and inner-city hospitals by the nurse practitioners that have the higher education and training that will be
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The specialization to attain higher level of education provided the educational efficiency to deliver high quality patient health care to consumers. However, this specialization has its own advantages and disadvantages to health care system. For the physicians, the potential supply and poor distribution of specialty physicians, especially the shortage in rural and underserved urban areas. The limitation of scope of practice for various health professionals and concern about legal restrictions of practice for non-physician practitioners.
Another disadvantage of this approach to professional education is the cost associated with education of health professionals and the impact that changes in the health care delivery system may have on the financing of health professions education. In addition, the concern about the supply of faculty to train health
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