Discuss The Similarities And Differences Between The Essential Functions Of Monitoring Health And Diagnosing

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1.What similarities and differences do you see between the essential functions of monitoring health and diagnosing and investigating health problems? Use concepts from class and your readings to support your response. The differences that I see between the essential functions of monitoring health and diagnosing and investigating health problems are that monitoring health is one part of the ten essential public health services and it is a to identify and solve community health problems. They take care of the utilization and costs. Also, they give attention to vital statistics and health surveys surveillance, including reportable disease by measures the life expectancy, health adjusted life expectancy (HALE), mortality rate, and Infant mortality…show more content…
Also, she was the Center for Human Genetics, Marshield Clinic Research Foundation. The reasons are that her job looks very fun and interesting because everyday she learning new things about genetic and always facing a different levels of challenges by doing research about genetic epidemiology combination or interactions between genetics. Also, looking at the personal behavior such as diet and explore the environmental diseases that is occurring. Furthermore, she works on study design and look at lots of data to writing out the results that they found out. In additionally, she was involved in an administration, which require some meeting with others and travels all over the world to speak about the researches that they found out to different groups who might want to set up with her and their programs. Which, also her provide her opportunity to make friend with different kinds of people in the world and her experiences varieties of cultures. Furthermore, the traveling gives her opportunities to enjoy different parts of the worlds ‘view and expand her knowledge’s on general not only in genetic
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