Discuss The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Malaysia's Security

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This paper will analyze the weakness of decision-making processes regarding Malaysia’s security and provide evidence in supporting this statement. The scandal of Scorpene’s submarines and the policies made by the MKN will be the main evidence in analyzing the weaknesses of the decision-making process regarding Malaysia’s security. In 2002, the reputation and reliability of Malaysia’s security system have been challenged after the leak of the scandal involving the purchase and sale of highly confidential Malaysian government defense documents to a French defense company. It also includes the transaction of RM 7.3 billion deal to purchase 2 SSK ‘Scorpene’ Submarines for a kickback worth EUR 114 million from DCNS to Perimekar and this is the most…show more content…
As far as we know, Malaysia perceives itself as a democratic country and in fact of that, all democratic values must be practices truthfully, for example, the decision making processes that should be discussed with the member of the parliament before any decision, law, and other related things are implemented. The Akta 776 of Majlis Keselamatan Negara already shows the flaws of Malaysia as a democratic country when the Malaysia’s security power is put under the power of the Prime Minister alone. This Act will reduce the power of Parliament as a place to discuss regarding the issues or threat perceives by Malaysia. In order to maintain the security of this country, and to deter the internal and external threats, all members whether the government or the opposition must work together to come out with the better ideas and find a good solution regarding the problems this country faces. Furthermore, this Act also usurpation the His Majesty’s power, such as under act 150(1) the power in declaring the emergency when the country’s security is threaten, act 150 (2B) the His Majesty may, except when both Houses of Parliament are sitting concurrently, promulgate any ordinances as circumstances appear to him require and act 41 the His Majesty shall be the Supreme Commander of the armed forces federation (Sarwar & Ananth, 2016). The usurpation the His Majesty’s power shows the Act 776 of Majlis Keselamatan Negara put no limit to
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