Discuss Whether Whistle Blowing Has a Place in Society. Essay

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Whistle blowing is known as ‘when an employee reports some wrongdoing to people that have the authority to take correct action, the wrongdoing is usually a disobedience of the rules and is a threat to the public interest through fraud, corruptions and so on’.( The Public Disclosure Act 1998 came into effect in 1998. Employees were hesitant to speak up about wrongdoing because they were afraid that they would not be listened to or that they would be putting their jobs at risk. The Act allows employees to talk about concerns to do with malpractice without having the fear of dismissal from work. The article ‘a former civil servant was sacked by the home office last week (March 11th 2004)’ states the exposure of duplicity…show more content…
Therefore whistle blowing has many advantages and disadvantages. There are many benefits if a member of an organization blows the whistle. Firstly it shows the employee who actually blows the whistle is a Good Samaritan and has good intentions. Also if telling superiors the truth about what is happening in the company he or she could be rewarded for coming forward. Another advantage is that it is the best thing to do, to warn others of malpractice and wrong actions from within their company. This is because then other employees would have knowledge about what type of organization they are working for and would have the chance of not being a part of it. Also if an employee does decide to blow the whistle he or she would be protected by the common law against retaliation. Even though in some cases whistle blowers tend to lose their job, in one case from the article ‘When the truth hurts’ a man named ‘Arantz’, lost his job after blowing the whistle, however his name was then cleared and was then reinstated into the police force was compensated $250,000 for wrongful dismissal. The disadvantages of blowing the whistle are firstly the employee losing their job. If the employee loses their job it would be hard for them to find another job, leaving that employee having bleak future prospects, because it would take time and also because other companies would have knowledge about the employee blowing
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