Discuss and consider the role of women in Stephen Dedalus' creative

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Discuss and consider the role of women in Stephen Dedalus' creative process, how is this reflected in the language and narrative of the novel? From the very first page of "A portrait of the artist as a young man", where Stephen Dedalus writes in simplistic and linear style and uses inarticulate expression and description in his story of the "moocow", to the last where he writes in journalistic form with a vast array of vocabulary and complex language, there is a progression, a maturing, a creative development; and this is influenced by the experiences, relationships and personal growth Stephen goes through as he grows up.
Women are certainly an integral part of this creative process, from his experiences with Eileen, to
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This physical understanding of the exterior world may be the impetus for Stephen's construction of a hierarchical list that defines his place within the universe. Both Dante and Stephen's own mother associate themselves with punishment when they assert that he "will apologise" or "the eagles will come and pull out his eyes". This incident results in Stephen's composition of a poem based on "apologise" and "eyes," one of his first artistic exercises. Dante and Mrs. Dedalus, having planted these words in Stephen's mind, are the first females to inspire him to create, therefore having a significan Impact on what has been labelled
"artistic development".

Young Stephen's first romantic interest in the opposite sex comes in the form of his playmate, Eileen. She indirectly leads Stephen to the conclusion that "by thinking of things you could understand them".
Stephen also displays his ever expanding knowledge of the differences between men and women when he makes the observation that Eileen has
"long thin cool white hands too because she [is] a girl". AT such a young age, Stephen was convinced that he would marry Eileen, and this in my opinion hints that women and romantic relationships will certainly have a role when he is older.

The recognition of women as sexual appears again when, after reading
The Count of Monte Christo, when Stephen begins to have

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