Discuss the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Short-Cuts in an Organisational Setting

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Topic 4 – Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using short-cuts in an organisational setting The shortcuts in organisations are used for valuating the characteristics of co-workers. In organisations, the managers are always assessing their employees, also the make judge about their employees performance and efficiency at work. The perception of individuals may derive from the time environment, mentality, purposes, and history of the perceiver. The great significance in perception takes place the appearance, personality and their attitude. The most important perception in the processing of an organisation is the management's perception on employees. The managers take control and make significant decisions, and also control the…show more content…
The main applications of shortcut in organisations are: the first is employment interview, the second is performance expectation, the third is ethic profiling and the final is the performance evaluation. (Robbins, 2008) The first application of shortcuts in organisation is the employment interview plays a most significant role in organisation. Human resources managers see for the efficient, productive and not very expensive people. At employment interview the interviewer make perceptual judgment that is not often equals their expectation. However, if the manager has high skills and express knowledge of individual characteristics allows to the manager to interview quickly that is beneficial for some organisations. For instance, Human Recourse organisations (HR), where the interviewer need to interview a lot of people a day. Another advantageous factor for the organisation is if the interviewer would group the people with similar characteristics that can help the interviewer to extract the needful specialized applicant’s quickly. Such process may create simultaneous atmosphere in organisation where the employees have a similar behavior and skills in organisation. In contrast, the negative effects may occur when the interviewer have limited information of applicant and can hire a person not suited for a particular position. For example, the negative affect on judgment may occur when the applicant is overweight person because in the

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