Discuss the Difficulties in Seeking to Adopt a Common Social Policy and Social Welfare Agenda Among the E.U. Member States.

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Assignment 2-Take Home Exam (Question 3, 5 and 6)
Question 3 Discuss the difficulties in seeking to adopt a common social policy and social welfare agenda among the E.U. member states.
A social policy is a public policy and practice in the areas of health care, human services, criminal justice, education, and labor. (Malcolm Wiener Centre) In European Union, it has passed a long way to seeking adopt a common social policy and social welfare agenda among the E.U. member states. Caune et al has summarized the process of social policy into three steps followed by the milestone of EU. First stage was to create a common market and keep the national welfare policies. During the first stage E.U. did seek to establish a certain …show more content…

(Traser, 2005) The issues about free movement of employee is only one example about the differences of economic situation between member states but it can be a main difficulties for EU to adopt a common social policy because the members state are only stand for their own country and competing with other member states.

In the European level, EU are also did a lot of work trying to leading member states participate on the process of adopt a common social policy but it is difficult as well. Since the Maastricht Treaty a concept of ‘soft law’ management measures are used to implementation of the EU activates. This has given to the control measures that are based on voluntarism, education and the sharing of best practices. (Rutkauskiene, 2009) In other world, member’s state is voluntary participation in an exchange of information or action. The European council collected all these soft measurement 2000 in Lisbon and give them a name of ‘Open Method of Coordination. (OMC)” (European Council Web) In the European council website explained OMC- set goals are monitored and supervised, best practices are shared and there is a scope to share. (European Council Web) But there are one important feature of the OMC is that goals and achievement are established at the EU level, while the measure and practice to achieving them are left for national governments. Many scholar are debate the disadvantage of

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