Discuss the Extent to Which Different Legislatures Control the Work of the Executive.

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UK Government and Politics Assessment Sheet

Title of Essay: Discuss the extent to which different legislatures control the work of the executive.
Date of Essay: 19/4

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Furthermore, in America given the separation of powers, it is entirely possible for either or both houses of Congress to be controlled by a different party than that of the presidents. In such a circumstance, they may be more willing to block presidential initiatives than work with the president. Opportunities for filibustering in the senate are also possible if the president does not have the support of 60 senators, and this can cause delays in legislation. However, problems with organisation in congress with a lack of leadership somewhat hinders their ability to oversee the work of the president, as it is unclear as to whom speaks on behalf of the opposition in congress. Hence it clear that congress is a more effective at controlling the president than parliament is at controlling the government given the simple majorities required to pass legislation in the UK.
“Congress in committees is Congress at work”. A powerful committee system in America guarantees the organisational effectiveness of Congress. Coupled with the staffing and informational resources than their UK counterparts, this enables them to provide greater control over the work of the executive. They can direct these resources in fulfilling a legislative as well as scrutiny function. However, its ability to influence the work of the executive depends on their degree of specialism for instance senators from agribusiness would be on the Senate Committee
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