Discuss the Impact of Human Activities on the Diversity of Plants and Animals

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Discuss the impact of human activities on the diversity of plants and animals The greater the number of alleles all members of a species possess, the greater the genetic diversity and the greater the genetic diversity the greater the chance of survival. This is due to the fact that larger gene pools results in a wider range of characteristics, and the wider the range of characteristics the greater the probability that a species will possess a characteristic that will aid its survival in an environment. There is no doubt that human activities have had an impact on the diversity of plants and animal, for example the over hunting/poaching of animals has had a very negative effect on diversity. Over hunting can or has led to extinction of…show more content…
Examples of selective breeding are; to produce cattle that will produce a high yield of milk, pedigree dogs. This can cause many health problems to arise. Another thing to consider is agriculture, firstly the use of pesticides and herbicides. Bioaccumulation means that the use of these chemicals, will increase in concentration in an organism over time, and many of these pesticides are not only toxic to the target species, but to many others. So overall the use of these chemicals reduces the gene pool by killing species and reduces both plant and animals diversity. Land destroyed for agriculture also has an effect. Different plants have different animals feeding on them and living on them so forests contain complex food webs with high diversity. Deforestation (for agriculture or resources) would initially reduce the diversity of plants, then have a knock on effect on the animals feeding and making a habitat out of them. However, not all human activities result in negative effects on diversity. Surprisingly urbanisation in cities etc, although would seem to have a negative effect on diversity, they can potentially benefit it. Both animals and plants species would to adapt to the new stresses, food sources, predators and threats in urban and suburban environments, and there is plenty of new evidence to

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