Discuss the Importance of Changes in the External Environment to an Organization Like Walmart

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2. How does Amazon.com compete on the web?

Amazon.com can not be the great on-line bookstore if it lacks of good founders as well as its core competence. The founder, Bezos , is a creative and dynamic man who can keep pace with the dynamic world. The company also pays much attention to its customers, suppliers and base on technology. It has an attempt to manage and build itself to be better, easier, faster and cheaper in order to compete in the world so this became its core value to compete on the web. These are categorized in four propositions.

1. Convenience:
Because Amazon.com is an on-line bookstore, anyone interesting or customers who live anywhere can contact with the company by only done through its webpage or email and the
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Usually only bestsellers are in stock and send in the same day. Other books take one or more week to arrival.
• Payment on the credit card and Paypal in the internet but in the bookstore is paid in cash and credit card.

4. Do a SWOT analysis for Amazon.com

SWOT Analysis
1. The founder, Jeffrey Bezos, who is a computer science and electrical engineering. He has knowledge in his career based on his ability. Therefore he can run his business as well and he just follow their inspiration.
2. They can set management system to collect enormous book for customer satisfaction that is supplier connection or book producer or publisher or writer.
3. They do not need to build the largest physical bookstore or biggest format store yet they still expand their largest cyber library where contain more and more books.
4. They do not to concern the golden location which they want to always open new stores and neither inventory management like a book keeping nor workers who they hire in every bookstore, As a result, they reduce their high number of cost so much.
5. They present their brand "AMAZON" to worldwide that make them well known in short time and they can set image of brand like "when you want the new release book, It is Amazon" or When you looking for book then click to www.amazon.com" like this example.
6. They can make any promotion, market sponsor, market campaigns, advertisement on their own web

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