Discuss the Importance of Non Verbal Communication to Education

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Erosion of human resources capacity is likely to disrupt project operations and delay implementation. Staff may be unable to address technical issues related to HIV/AIDS. | Capacity-development efforts in all project activities are intensified.Additional staff are trained, task-sharing among staff is introduced, contingencies in project budgets are increased, administrative procedures are adjusted.Project staff and staff of partner agencies are trained so that they can address the implications of HIV/AIDS for their work. | IFAD project managers participate in a training programme on how to address the impact of HIV/AIDS at the project management level. | (d) Diminished relevance of project objectives, strategies and activities | HIV/AIDS can compromise the achievement of targets set for a project.Project activities may inadvertently contribute to the spread of the epidemic. | HIV/AIDS is taken into account when analysing a project and when setting project objectives.IFAD project coordinators are made aware of the relevance of HIV/AIDS to their work and trained to integrate response measures. | Representatives of HIV/AIDS control programmes or NGOs working on HIV/AIDS are invited to project planning workshops.Terms of reference for project review and evaluation missions address HIV/AIDS issues. |
Source: Adapted from Hemrich, 1997.
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