Discuss the Major Factors Associated with Appraisal of Expatriate Managerial Performance

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An expatriate is a manager from a company who is sent abroad for a mission. The mission varies depending on the need of the multinationals in the host country, it can be the control of quality or establishing the MNE’s procedures in a subsidiary. Multinationals need to form it managers to go overseas because the international environment is very difficult. Thus, managers are evaluated on their mission to have a feedback from the experience and then analyze where they succeeded and where they failed and mainly why. We will study the major factors associated with appraisal of expatriate management performance. To do that, we will see in a first part the variables which can influence performance and in a second time, the factors of…show more content…
The manager can’t see, every time, his/her chief to exchange about the news of the week because of the distance and mainly the time zones differences so the solution is the video conference but it don’t substitute the contact in face to face, again the managers need to adapt themselves to this new tool. To face this issue, MNE send corporate managers to meet the expatriate people and have this physical contact to talk about the mission. Another criteria need to be counted is the level of maturity in the market. If the subsidiary has the parents country’s infrastructures, it will be more easier for the expatriate, first, to adapt himself/herself in the new environment and to manage local people because he already knows the practices and he/she just need to explain how it works. In the opposite, without the facilities of the PCN, develop the market will be more difficult mainly that the new products and new business areas can’t be subcontracted. The manager will need more time to develop the subsidiary, more energy so it need to be recognized in the performance management process. International environment has a significant impact on expatriate work and it is the responsibility of the MNE to anticipate the different variables in it strategy to install the manager on the best working conditions. To understand how an expatriate is efficient, we need to analyze the impact of a number of criteria which are the salary and reward, it

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