Discuss the Relationship Between Media and Information Technology

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Discuss the relationship between ‘Media' and ‘Information Technology' The term ‘Media' could today be defined as a collective term for television, radio, cinema and the press. The media are nowadays often discussed as a single entity, because of their combined importance as providers of entertainment and information, their presumed power to mould public opinion and set standards and the growth of cross-ownership among the various sectors. The word was however, originally derived from (i.e. is the plural of) the word ‘medium', which suggested a medium for the transfer of information. Media are channels through which information is transmitted or through which communication takes place. In a similar way, ‘Information Technology' could…show more content…
Nonetheless, a lot of things are falling into place to ensure the future of the e-book. Publishers are involved – on their own and with technology partners – in all sorts of distribution projects4. As soon as electronic readers improve to counter some of the problems outlined above, and distribution channels expand, e-books may very well start threatening it's printed counterpart. According to a report by Christopher Gasson on Britain's publishing industry, (Bookseller Publications), it is possible that more will be published on the web during the next three years than has been published in print since the invention of the printing press 600 years ago5. All this goes to show how strong a relationship there might actually be. The relationship between Media and Information Technology in terms of books is not only a one-way relationship. Hard-copy, printed materials are in fact being promoted as a result of e-commerce on the internet. The book market is still expanding, partly as a result of online sales companies such as Amazon.com. Although publishers now also have an e-presence on the internet, they use their sites to promote printed material. Penguin for example, recently re-launched it's Web-site (www.penguin.co.uk) indicating a recognition of the importance of having a lively and interactive web presence. Books then, it can be said, have a strong

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