Discuss the Skills and Attitudes to Working with Children, Young People and Families

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Discuss the skills and attitudes required to work with children, young people and families In this essay I will be researching policies, frameworks and reports that have highlighted skills and attitudes required to work with children, young people and families. I will also look at government documents such as EPPE, Common Core Framework and Every Child Matters. From my research I will discuss my findings and go on to include some personal opinions and reflection of my experience within settings. In section one I will define skills and attitudes and explain how they are relevant to practice and discuss why they are important. In section two I will present my research and explain their relevance. In the final section I shall review …show more content…
The first skill in the prospects is effective communication and engagement.
Building upon this main skill the prospects goes on to highlight a number of helpful points for practitioners to do their job well. They should be able to communicate effectively and be engaging, practitioners also need to build a rapport and develop a relationship with children young people and their families, so there is trust and respect from the practitioner, child and family. They also need to be aware of how children, young people and families communicate and be able to adapt to all their needs and abilities, also to understand non-verbal communication such as facial expressions and body language, this is extremely important to appreciate different people cultures. An important part of communicating is active listening, which should be in a calm and non-threating manner were the child or family member feels comfortable to ask questions and understands what is being said to them.
The second skill highlighted in the prospects is Child and young person development. ‘This core area covers the physical, intellectual, linguistic, social and emotional growth and
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