Discuss the Theme of Love and Longing in the Poems You Have Studied.

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Discuss the theme of love and longing in the poems you have studied.
Poetry enables a writer to express his or her feelings. Like painting or music it is an art, an art that supplies the reader with an insight to the poet’s mind. Poetry is a response and an evaluation of the author’s world and life. A poem can represent sorrow, joy, love, anger, despair, or it can simply be a reflection of an event or memory. Poems frequently have hidden meanings, but many are simple and clear. They demonstrate in a unique way how it feels, for example, to be in love, to watch a sunset, or to stand by someone’s deathbed.
The poems I have chosen to study are Bronte’s “Remembrance”, Matthew Arnold’s “Longing” and W.H.
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The writer loves him so much, she wishes that she too were dead, just so she could be with him, so that they could be reunited. She believes life is empty and the only method of joy she can find is to be dead. In order for her to feel as though she is alive, she must be dead and be with him because being with him is everything to her. Living with him and being dead with him are the same to her. She is still in love with him because love cannot be separated by death. The writer says her memory is seeped in “rapturous pain.” It is engrossed with agony, when she does not think of him she is able to cope. However this is a difficult task as she is so in love with him. Both “rapturous pain” and “divinest anguish” are oxymorons, used to highlight the meaning of her love but how uncontrollably agonizing it is. “Divinest” expresses a heavenly quality for him – he was divine, the “anguish” represents her despair at his death. Her love is divine, he is divine and like the pain her love lives on. The poem ends on a question, it is unresolved, she still seeks him. Nothing has changed in the “fifteen wild December s” she is still in “anguish” over her loss and has not moved on. Nothing can change the way she feels, there is

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