Discuss the Theme of Love and Longing in the Poems You Have Studied.

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Discuss the theme of love and longing in the poems you have studied.
Poetry enables a writer to express his or her feelings. Like painting or music it is an art, an art that supplies the reader with an insight to the poet’s mind. Poetry is a response and an evaluation of the author’s world and life. A poem can represent sorrow, joy, love, anger, despair, or it can simply be a reflection of an event or memory. Poems frequently have hidden meanings, but many are simple and clear. They demonstrate in a unique way how it feels, for example, to be in love, to watch a sunset, or to stand by someone’s deathbed.
The poems I have chosen to study are Bronte’s “Remembrance”, Matthew Arnold’s “Longing” and W.H.
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Despite the simple outlook of Arnold’s poem, it is just as effective in the description of his longing. It is soft and loving. Never in the poem does Arnold appear bitter unlike Bronte who frequently comments on her pain and suffering in a confused manor. The rhyme and rhythm contribute to the demonstration of despair. Because the pattern is so simple it lifts the poem from despair, it is therefore less morbid in contrast to Bronte who’s poem is laden with gloom and depression. Instead of discussing and labouring over his feelings he states his torment in a direct way, so without delay we see his longing. His message is straight to the point, from the opening line “Come to me in dreams, and then By day I shall be well again.” He informs us immediately that he is in a sense unwell without the dreams and visions of his beloved. He calls out to her, a plea for her to come to him and make him well again. The central theme in the poem is dreams. Dreams and night dominate the poem. The day is “hopeless” and the dreams at night make up for the torment of the day. At night his fantasy occurs of his love visiting him he yearns for her to “part my hair, and kiss my brow, And say- “My love! why sufferest thou?” This action will comfort him even if it is only in illusion. It is tender and soothing. The description is angelic and saintly; he raises her to the heavens. This action is also seen when he says “A

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