Discussing Arguments Influence On Darwin's Natural Theology

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Most of the scientists that influenced Darwin, especially during his studies at Cambridge University, shared a religious perspective of Liberal Anglicanism. This perspective also influenced their political, educational, and scientific beliefs, among them being Natural Theology. Natural Theology is attempting to use science and rational arguments to determine the underlying plan or ordered pattern’s existence in the natural world. Naturally, they thought if something was in order there would have to be one who orders them. These scientists were called ‘Gentlemen of Science’ (P2, pg. 13).
William Whewell stressed the overall order and the mathematical laws that governed the universe instead of stressing the similarities between organisms and machines created by humans. Actually, Whewell argued that final causes were to be omitted from physical science. While scientists are free to “… admire the fruits of the divine plan as evidence of the Divine Providence, this is derivative of the scientist’s chief task, which is to discover and understand as much as possible the means through which this providence is dispensed in the natural world…” the laws being called secondary causes, or natural causes. Darwin cited the arguments against final causes as a quote he placed in his Origin of Species, despite his discomfort of Whewell, who never accepted
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His degree had nothing to do with biology, which at the time had some controversy over whether it was an actual science or not. He also had a strong interest in Natural History, which compelled him to take John Henslow’s class three times. He spent so much time learning all that he could from Henslow’s knowledgeable and profitable expertise that Darwin got the nickname, the man who walks with Henslow.” Darwin was not properly trained in science, but he did have more of an extensive background in life sciences (P2, pg,
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