Discussing Christopher Wren 's Cathedral

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Diala Tadros
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St. Paul Cathedral

Introduction: This semester my paper will be discussing Christopher Wren’s building “St. Paul’s Cathedral”, and why St. Paul’s Cathedral is considered to be the most important and famous masterpiece of England’s architecture? The St. Paul Cathedral of Sir Christopher Wren was chosen because it is famously interpreted in the baroque style in England, and dominated English architecture. St. Paul’s cathedral is one of the most famous important building because it was built on an earlier church that was severely damaged in the Great Fire of London.” It is considered as one of the best symbol of English baroque architecture”. It was rebuilt and designed by Christopher Wren, who also rebuilt over fifty churches that were damaged in Great Fire of London. It is one of the tallest buildings of London. St. Paul’s is the most brilliant building that I’ve heard that it was done by a acclaimed artist in London after it was destroyed, and rebuild again.

Concession: Looking at the most ten famous building in London none of them will take your attention as St. Paul Cathedral that took forty years to build after it was destroyed. Also, it was designed and built by one of the most famous English architects in the history “Sir Christopher Wren”. “It is said to be at the highest point of the city London. Its dome is elegant as framed by the spires of Wren’s city churches.”

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