Discussing Cultural Assessment Tools For Organizational Culture And Diversity

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Engaging Employees in Change Process
Cornelius Cash
Grand Canyon University
LDR804-Leading across Cultures
July 13, 2016

Corporate Culture & Diversity in the Global Workplace
All global organizations must merge diverse workgroups into cohesive, high performance global teams in order to adapt to environmental changes. This document will discuss cultural assessment tools used in assessing organizational culture and gaps within formal groups, leadership styles and techniques that influence social culture and diversity within formal workgroups, description of social culture that influence productivity within diverse workgroups and social culture and diversity of formal group members and the influence on organizational culture.
Cultural Assessment Tools
In the study of humanities, cultural assessment analyzes the subtle meaning of text, images, codes, beliefs and behaviors of a social group or community. Research by Capatîna & Schin (2013) discovered cultural assessment extrapolates internal comprehension of the nuances of a culture. Not only does it cross the boundaries between social communications, it also provides a bridge for formal and informal social activism. Cross-Cultural Adaptability Inventory (CCAI) is a self-assessment tool is designed for novice leaders with the goal of addressing a person’s ability to adapt to any culture. It is designed to respond to several needs or practical concerns that are expressed both by culturally diverse and cross-culturally…
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