Discussing Ekbom Syndrome

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Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to discuss Ekbom Syndrome, also known as primary delusional parasitosis. Ekbom Syndrome (ES) is the somatic delusion of an infestation of parasites or inanimate particles in or on the body, where no evidence of an infestation is found. Those afflicted often report sensations of small crawling, biting, or burrowing insects on or in their skin, or thread-like fibers stuck in their flesh. Persons with ES often have both visual and tactile hallucinations that support their fixed belief of an infestation. It is not unusual for persons with ES to consult several non-mental health professionals such as exterminators, or dermatologists which delays treatment for many. ES clients with pets frequently believe that their pet is also infested and may repeatedly visit their veterinarian seeking assistance. Additionally, ES sufferers may resort to using dangerous chemicals, and pesticides while trying to rid themselves of their infestation. These noxious chemicals can exacerbate the itching sensations the ES client attributes to the infestation, creating a cyclical problem. People with ES may try to excise the delusional bugs and flay areas of their skin. Obviously, this skin picking can make ES clients vulnerable to secondary infection in the open self-inflicted wounds. Often ES sufferers may keep bits of the skin or scabs in containers, or try to take photographs attempting to prove the existence of the offending parasitic

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