Discussing Gender Differences Occur Among Preschool Children

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Taking the opportunity to observe preschoolers in a childcare setting will help identify whether gender differences occur among preschool children. More specifically, observing children in their natural environment will help determine whether or not boys play differently than girls. On October 7th, at the Child Development Lab’s playground while the children were having playtime at 11 o’clock in the morning, I had the chance to observe thirteen boys and sixteen girls aged 3-4 years old. After observing, I was able to conclude that at the ages of three and four years old, boys and girls do not play differently; at the ages of three and four, both boys and girls play in rocks, on scooters, sing, and play with kitchen sets. To begin, the playground had three parts to it; there was the jungle gym, the cement area, and the corner area with plastic kitchen sets and tables. I will start off by sharing what I learned while observing the jungle gym. At any given time, there were four girls and four boys on the jungle gym; the jungle gym was never empty. The children on the jungle gym, whether boys or girls, were always smiling and climbing up everything. This proves that both boys and girls played in the same ways. At one point, there were three girls and two boys all on the big silver slide together. It seemed as if they were racing each other because when one got to the bottom, they would race right back to the top and do it all over again. The stereotype that presents girls as

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