Discussing The Intricate And Intimate Connections Between Herself, Her Daughter And Her Parents On Pages 293-295 Essay

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1. Why does Sommers discuss the intricate and intimate connections between herself, her daughters and her parents on pages 293-295? Why does she look at her family? She says that “Love (as well as writing) involves a radical loss of certainty” (295). How does that “loss of certainty” apply to writing as well as relationships in Sommers’ experience? Because of Sommers love for reading often alludes to her family life, she is able to introduce the reader to her family and her thoughts behind words in a neat fashion. I assume that her family life has really shaped her as a person. I think she wants to be be able to absorb lots of information from the world around her. She says, “I want to understand these living, breathing, primary sources all around me.” (295). This quote is important because, it shows the type of mindset Sommers is in. Her mindset, being one that is willing to be open to new discoveries and different perspectives. She looks at her family for inspiration from the world. She makes connections between her family members, the things she 's learned from books and other sources shaping her as a person. She often pondered to herself when her daughter asked for typically feminine items like makeup, thinking if there is an underlying meaning to it. As a result she states, “Love (as well as writing) involves a radical loss of certainty” (295). She shows her readers this “loss of certainty” in her family life, as well as in her writing throughout the whole text
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