Discussing The Issues Of Sexism

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From Inquiry to Academic Writing contains an excerpt of an essay discussing the issues of sexism in society. Jesse J. Prinz brings not only a new light to sexism, but explains why the reader could have come to participate in a culture riddled with gender difference. He explains that there are many factors that brought some to the conclusion (that women are inferior to men and should be treated as such) via many things, including the influence of history, biological differences, learned limitations, and stereotypes. Prinz claims that history may have brought sexism into society, but regardless of how it got here, it is still alive and well within humanity. (It should be noted Prinz does not discuss women’s reformation movements within history.) He explains that biological differences can be accounted for, however, they are smaller than the reader believes. As well, he calls to doubt whether those differences were formed at birth, or rather “If male and female brains function differently, those differences could result from differences in socialization.” (Prinz, 634-635). He ultimately believes that the psychological phenomenon of stereotype threat and the learned limitations we raise our children with contribute with a majority to our unbalanced public. He discusses the concept of stereotype threat saying, “One possibility is that women underperform because they believe that they are less capable than men. In a simple experiment, Claude Steele and his colleagues gave a…
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