Discussing The Legalization Of Prostitution

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Karina Sobreira
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Discussing the Legalization of Prostitution To better discuss the legalization of prostitution there’s a need to know its definition. Legalization of prostitution is where prostitution becomes controlled by the government and becomes legal under specific conditions. Legalization may include prostitution-specific controls chosen by the state, which could include licensing, registration, and mandatory regular health checks ups. Prostitution has been legalized in Netherlands, Germany, Iceland, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Greece, Turkey, Senegal, Nevada in the USA, and many Australian states (Mossman, 2007). Prostitution has been shaped by economic, demographic, social, and ethical changes
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Expansion of the sex industry Though it is expected that the expansion of the sex industry would be controlled by legislation, it actually does the opposite. “Legislation leads to massive expansion” (Sullivan & Jeffreys, 2001). For example in Victoria, Australia, from when it first legalized brothels 1984 until 2004, “sexual service providers” increased from 40 to 184, not counting the growth of illegal prostitution, which was estimated to be four to five times the size of the legal sector (Sullivan, 2005). Also, the demand for sex services grows rapidly after legalization. Many men who before legalization wouldn’t risk buying women, see it now as acceptable; as prostitution becomes legal, treating women as merchandise also becomes ethical and socially acceptable. There is also an impact on the future generations of men and boys; they will now receive the message that prostitution is harmless and fun. Businessmen are now encouraged to carry out meetings in clubs where they provide naked women laying on the center of the table (Raymond, 2003).
Empowering women Continuing looking at prostitution in Australia, as legalization became a possibility, feminists believed they would have control over their clients, their working conditions, and would have a healthy and safe environment if working for an employer. They believed legalization would empower
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