Discussing Tough Guise with My Grandmother

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The Thanksgiving Holiday allows families come together and discuss the many topics throughout their daily lives. This is shown within my family well, since the tradition in my family is to exchange stories about the year. During my story exchange I began a discussion about the documentary seen within Gender and Society titled, Tough Guise. I explained that the main purpose of this documentary was to show masculinity within today’s society through stereotypes, body images and violence. My grandmother, who has always been interested with Sociology, became the main person I spoke with about the topic. This allowed the discussion to be more in depth and informational. As my grandmother and I moved from the loud family filled room to the quiet…show more content…
These socially created norms change the views of masculinity. Tough Guise showed several images of young males mirroring the actions of the media portrayals of tough rap artists. This example gave a clear definition of how the media can affect individual actions. Using the images of tough rap artists allowed my grandmother to understand how socialization agents can cause stereotypes. “Tough Guise explains the major changes within body images over the decades as well,” I stated trying to move into the next major topic I wanted to explain. My grandmother began to smile and replied that there could not have been a drastic change in how body image is seen. I corrected her with the example of G.I. Joe, the action figure usually for young boys. I began to explain that within the document three images where shown of how differently the action figure looks through the years. G.I. Joe’s of the past were seen as muscular army figures that could resemble a real life person. Although today’s G.I. Joe cannot resemble a real life figure because the proportions of the body are too large. These changes within the body type of a toy only expressive the major change within the body image of society. Young boys are being socialized to view bigger as better while women are viewing skinny are pretty. “These are drastic changes,” my grandmother states as she leads me to the old toy box; where we find a few action figures and Barbie’s to show everyone else. After showing the figure to

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