Discussing the Death Penalty

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A major debate discussed frequently in today’s society is whether or not the death penalty is the right thing to do to punish those who have committed heinous crimes. While some states have allowed the death penalty to be used in certain cases, others have outright removed it as a choice. Why is this debate important? Well as U.S. citizens we need to make a decision of what is the best way to deal with criminals. Is it better to execute these criminals or incarcerate them? This paper will discuss the considered pros and cons of the death penalty and what my view is, on this topic. Proponents of the death penalty have the belief that a criminal should be killed for what he or she has done. They believe that it is moral because it creates a feeling of justice. Carol S. Steiker and Jordan M. Steiker, authors of, “CAPITAL PUNISHMENT: A CENTURY OF DISCONTINUOUS DEBATE” stated that “The retributive argument, emphasizing that the death penalty provides the only appropriate moral response to the "worst" offenses and offenders” (Steiker 676). Those who commit disastrous crimes should be punished to the highest extreme, which is death, something that many people are fearful of. Proponents believe that the death penalty also helps the families who grieve for their losses and suffer psychologically as a retribution for their pain depending on the way of how their loved ones were killed. Michael Keane author of "The Ethical “Elephant” in the Death Penalty “Room” states, "A
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