Discussion And Conclusion On Education

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Discussion and Conclusion From the shared experience of participants, I got the notion that if it was parents’ will to let not their children in school, they would willingly be happy to let them home without education. The challenge is that apart from poverty, parents do not see the value of education. The high cost of education, poverty, and lack of employment after graduation force parents to make claims and false decisions on the fate of education for their children. This view of education forces me to insist what I stated previously in this dissertation a holistic mode of education have to empower graduates to live and manage their life whether they have employment or not. This lack of motivation and value of education among parents make me think is the reason for parents in rural areas reluctant to demand a better education for their children. I realized there is a problem, but they see it as a normal part of life. Hence, parents try whatever means they can, even if it is cheating to keep their children out of school. Parents and children need to visualize themselves the value of education, and seek it. Making it a law for each child, doesn’t help. It reminded me what I saw, when I was on my way from Musoma to Serengeti. I saw students from one of the schools carrying heavy loads of white bags on their heads in groups walking to school. It was class time. Each morning where I stayed, I could see children with buckets of water on their heads, fire woods, hoes,
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