Discussion Assignment 15-1: Reacting to a Process Gone Wrong Located in Ch. 15 of Quality Management for Organizational Excellence.

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Discussion Assignment As employees of an organization we are required to ensure the welfare of the same at all times. Sometimes we see and analyze certain processes carried out and it is understood that there is any way in which these processes can be improved. It happens that we are not prepared to report that such changes are needed for reasons that are varied. There are positions in companies that are responsible for ensuring that all processes, products and services offered comply fully with the expectations of customers. The so-called "quality controls" are the order of the day in different industries thus minimizing the losses that come when we could make a claim for defective product or service. The following provides an example of …show more content…

Not think lightly of the possible solutions that has the problem, and to go immediately to the process of implementing decisions without really analyzing your use solution to this dilemma could involve unnecessary use of resources to both working with the real issues the situation. Reacting pulse is not always the best option to present dilemmas. Especially when it involves analyzing where it is failing in the standard procedure should be maintained. To know where you are making the mistakes that are causing this loss and inconvenience should use some tools to analyze due process that are made every day. It is therefore important to use additional "flowcharts" control tables. These tables are used during the manufacturing process consists of the product and inspect the products while they are still in the billing process. This tool is quantifiable, its great advantage.100 pieces can be established that there are no problems during the receipt of primary material, nor in the process, but are displayed effects on stored products. Not only for this observation is displayed but the numbers is product defects not displayed until a certain point in the process. Both tools are very useful in their own way each. One of them shows the subjective line of research. The flowcharts despite dictating a specific order of things, so no numerically quantifiable profits or losses. Just get carried away by the power of

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