Analysis Of Scenes: Reactions To Dissonance

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Analysis of Scenes: Reactions to Dissonance Scene 1: Discussion at the Bar During our group discussion of the scene, the main reaction of dissonance we noticed was the fight-flight reaction. Although these responses will not be evident until the latter half of the scene, it seemed to us the most prominent action demonstrated, mainly by the character O’Callahan. Fight is characterized by a perceived competition within the group. It occurs when two or more people contest each other’s ideas, aiming for their opinion to essentially win out. Fight can be both functional and dysfunctional. When fight stays at the surface, focusing on only the ideas and not become personal then it can be considered a healthy way for team members to voice their opinions. On the other hand, when fight escalates to a personal level, people go on the defensive, members of the group take sides, and ultimately nothing becomes accomplished. The fight response is evident in line 17. O’Callahan can be heard mocking a team member, McClanahan. First, O’Callahan asks another member, Cox, of the team on why they wanted to play college hockey. Cox answers diplomatically, saying that he plays for the love of the game. O’Callahan challenges that answer, stating that he wanted to win the National Championship; though, his chances of gaining the title was seemingly thwarted by another member, McClanahan. O’Callahan’s dislike of his McClanahan stems from a previous dispute and he makes no effort in trying to mask his
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