Discussion Board 2 : The Fundamentals Of Communication

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Speech Communication
Mequlito Q. Ragin
Unit 1 - Discussion Board 2 - The Fundamentals of Communication (COMS203-1504B-14)
Dr. Marcillo For this assignment, we are to have a general discussion with our colleges. Harris, T., & Sherblom, J. (2011) Small group and team communication. We are opening up a discussion about how the communication model applies to today’s communication techniques; In addition to the classroom materials given through the words of wisdom text. Trust me; I have tried this on my own. After reading the assignment list, I was sure I understood the topic. I told myself “Oh I do this daily, this will be easy.” Little did I know after reading the material, I may want to dig deeper. After reading the course material and picking up a few tips from my colleges. I realized there are many levels of communications, and to effectively communicate, it’s best to use the communication process. Communication is the exchange of ideas, opinions, facts or the emotions of two or more people. So you say to yourself what does it all mean? Well let me tell you!! Communication is two-way process of exchanging ideas or information. It is a process of sending and receiving messages that produce a response. So this sounds simple enough, right? But there is a whole process involved in it. Our messages will have to go through many stages when it travels from one person to another. Sometimes we can over think this process and never release a single message.
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