Discussion Board : Perspective, Theory, And Practice

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DISCUSSION BOARD: PERSPECTIVE, THEORY, AND PRACTICE I will be clarifying how reading "Theory X, Y, Z" and watched the media piece, "Theory," affected my definition of theory. I will be explaining the reasons why it might be useful to make a connection between actual management situations and theory. I will also explain how theory can inform the actual practice of management. I will provide an example of my own supported observation to maintain my statements. In Conclusion, I will explain which of management theories presented in Day 4 Readings seem to be the most useful and why (Walden, 2014). According to American Social Psychologist Douglas McGregor who formulated two models which were called Theory X, Y, and Z. He suggested to the managers to develop positive management style and techniques to use with the employees. While exploring from references, his ideas weren 't new who was influenced by Abraham Maslow. American Social Psychologist Douglas McGregor worked at Human Relations School with the lead figures who adopted the information. McGregor 's twisted these thoughts from leading figures which few others profound it. Douglas McGregor had behavioral scientist skills who worked with scholars Argyris, Haire, Herzberg, Likert, Scanlon, Schein, and many others. His research on Theory X, Y suggested managers should decided their effectiveness, rather than using their own styles. Douglas McGregor loved the human side of business (McGregor, D, 2011). Theory X, Y, and Z…
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