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The question I chose to critique for week ones discussion board question is question number two. Identify and describe which stage from the “Stage Model” identified within chapter two, that your own family is currently involved. What are the benefits and deficits connected to this stage? One of the stages that our family is dealing with is the “Becoming an Adult stage”. According to the text by Herbert Goldenberg and Irene Goldenberg (2008), when a child becomes an adult and leave home they usually stay connected to the family. My daughter will be turning 20 January 18, 2012 and she still lives at home. She is a student at the local community college and she is also working. Having her at home during her educational endeavors is…show more content…
Dealing with the hardships of being an adult 2. Paying bills 3. Leaving the comfort of parents and living conditions not having to pay for it 4. Taking care of yourself Benefits of adolescence stage: 1. Not a young child any more 2. Able to make some decisions on your own 3. Independence Deficits of adolescence stage: 1. Indecisiveness 2. Can’t control emotions 3. Immature 4. Emotional References: Goldenberg, I., & Goldenberg, H. (2008). Family therapy: An overview (7th ed.). Pacific Grove, CA: Brooks/Cole. Word count
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