Discussion. General Conclusions. Our Study Focused On Whether

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General Conclusions
Our study focused on whether the gender of the author and emotionality of social media posts influences people to perceive the author on how masculine, feminine, and likable they are. We mainly wanted to target males because of the stereotype that they should not express emotionality and if they do, they are perceived as “girly.” Our hypotheses for the interactions were as follows: males who write emotional newsfeeds on social media will be perceived as less masculine than females; females who write emotional newsfeeds on social media will be perceived more feminine than males; males who write emotional newsfeeds on social media will be perceived as less likable than females. From this study none of our
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Since only one of our post talked about career, that may have impacted some of the participants’ view in how they should perceive them.
With any study, there are limitations that are not counted for in the study, which may result unfavorably. Because we found no significance in all but one hypotheses, many factors may be contributed.
Participants. Overall, our study was limited in its sample size and diversity of participants. The vast majority of the participants were of 18-24 age range and of white race who were women. Because of this, these results cannot be generalized to the population. This could be fixed by increasing the sample size and distributing the survey everywhere, such as social media, emails to other schools, etc. Also, unmotivated participants who answered neutral for many items on the scales, did not give us significant results. Therefore, removing the neutral option in both scales may lead to significant results, by forcing the participant to go one way or the other.
Newsfeed. The newsfeed consisted of four posts: two neutrals, one positive, and one negative. Since the neutral posts remained the same, the only posts that were changed were the positive and negative posts. By only providing four posts to base perceived masculinity and femininity, and likability of the author, it did not influence the participant to perceive the author differently. Therefore, adding more posts may lead to significant results. Another
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