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1. a) The class is in a productive zone when every individual is contributing to the discussion. Prevalent silence is a sign that we aren’t being productive, but the discussion must also be meaningful rather than just filling the silence. For me personally, I need to make sure to pick the times when my input is most insightful to speak up, as well as trying to reach out to the people who are quiet. My level of heat started out too high and went down to a manageable amount where I don’t feel nearly as afraid to contribute. The class as a whole tends a little on the cold side, and that seems mostly due to fear of heat. It’s not that people don’t want to contribute, it’s that they’re afraid of saying something stupid or meaningless.

b) Success would be
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Jeff says he doesn’t want to edit the paper, but he accepts anyways. Annie believes she can prove that the school is profiling. Annie and Britta don’t want to add anyone to the study group. Jeff frequently excersises control over the study group.

Interpretations: Jeff just wants the editor position so he can have an office. Annie thinks the school’s Dean is racist. Annie doesn’t actually think the school’s Dean is racist, she only wants to have an interesting story for the paper. The study group is conflicted about adding new people. The study group looks to Jeff for guidance.

3. What has surprised you about the group dynamic in the class?
There has been a lot of genuine support for other peoples’ ideas and also the conversation we all had where we established that we don’t think other people look as stupid as they think they do. I realize that we’re all civil, but I feel like people actually care more than I would have expected. 4. At first I didn’t think I was going to enjoy this class at all, but it’s actually grown on me. Outside of this class, I don’t think I would be friends with anyone, but inside I actually appreciate them and seeing how they
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