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Findings of Fieldwork – Interview analysis When conducting our interview, we separated the questions based on our marketing research objectives. We felt this would be the best way to sort through the information so we could best address our objectives. To investigate the motivation behind women buying fine jewellery We decided that it was first best to determine the frequency with which respondents wear jewellery, which gave us an insight into the frequency of jewellery use in the target market (respondents were all females aged 18-50). After discovering that of 38 respondents, 32 wore jewellery every day we were able to determine that the management issue was certainly not with the demographic of MoiMoi’s target market. (Q1, Appendix…show more content…
Following on from this, we asked respondents about their preferred method of purchase when purchasing a gift for someone other than themselves. A considerable amount (25/38) said that they would certainly prefer to buy in-store when shopping for a gift. The significance of which, for MoiMoi is that in-store advertisements would be more effective if associating moissanite with ideas such as ‘the perfect gift’. Whereas, web-advertisement may be focused more on purchase for one’s self. (Q8, Appendix 4.1) Finally, to determine the purchase decision process of the consumer, we asked whether consumers shop around for jewellery when purchasing, or if certain jewels ‘spoke to them’. This was asked in order to determine how often jewellery is not researched, but rather – as a result of effective marketing – instantly sold for all intensive purposes in the eyes of the consumer. The results showed that more often than not, consumers would stumble upon jewels that they had to have. This reinforces the idea that the industry is built entirely on the aesthetic, with gemmological properties having a minimal effect on consumer perception of gems. (Q9, Appendix 4.1) To investigate the attributes considered when buying fine jewellery. To initiate this research objective, we determined that it would be best to ask respondents what they believed to be their most valued product attribute when purchasing fine jewellery. Twenty-seven responses related to the

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