Discussion Of Domain B Focuses On Evaluating The Student Learning As A Whole Process

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Discussion of Domain

Domain B focuses on evaluating the student learning as a whole process. It covers Teaching Performance Expectations (TPE) 2 which is to monitor student learning during instruction and Teaching Performance Expectations (TPE) 3 which involves interpretations and use of assessments. Given these points, teacher performance expectations or TPEs are teacher’s guidelines that is essential to follow and remember in order to become an effective and successful education specialist.

To begin with, TPE 2 consists of different factors in performing the teaching job. First, teacher should demonstrates knowledge of confidentiality provisions and requirements. For this reason, teacher needs to make sure all personal and testing information are confidential. It can only be shared with IEP team who are involved in the student’s education. Second, teacher should demonstrate working knowledge of basic tests and measurement principles. With this in mind, it is essential that the teacher knows how to implement the assessment tool while making sure that the student knows how to follow the instructions. Third, teacher should demonstrate skills in the assessment of students with Moderate/Severe disabilities, collecting and using multiple sources of information to assess student learning. In order to have accurate data collection, teacher should use formal assessments such as Brigance or WIAT III and informal assessment such as San Diego Quick Reading assessment,

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