Discussion Of Honesty In Shakespeare's Othello

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People can have anything they so desire, that is, if they are willing to sacrifice something in return. William Shakespeare’s play Othello raises the question as to whether honesty is truly the best policy, and if lying is truly okay. Throughout the story, the character Iago is portrayed as someone who is manipulative and dishonest, while under the guise of being an honest person, “Honest Iago.” Desdemona, wife to Venetian Moor general, Othello, remains an honest person even while being accused of being a deceitful liar. The benefits and drawbacks to both lying and speaking the truth clash with one another resulting in having
The benefit to the usage of deceit can be exemplified in the main antagonist, Iago. Throughout the majority of the play Iago is held to be an honest man, often called Honest Iago. He serves as protagonist Othello’s ancient/ensign and is
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Desdemona contrasts Iago’s character almost entirely. Often telling the truth and never lying throughout the entirety of the play except for a single instance. She speaks her mind when testifying for her marriage with Othello when her father tries to have Othello condemned for “stealing” his daughter. The honesty pays off as Desdemona’s father has to come to terms with the outcome and accept what has happened. Like everyone else, she is ignorant to Iago’s plot of getting revenge against Othello and taking Cassio’s position of lieutenant for himself. From the very beginning of the play Desdemona’s honest nature is revealed before the audience. An example of this is when she is brought before the Duke of Venice and her father on the case of her elopement with Othello. She speaks her mind and reveals her conflict on her loyalties to her father and her loyalties to Othello. In the end stating that she chooses Othello while believing that she owes her father for her life and education, she holds nothing back and reveals her
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