Discussion Of Results And Scientific Explanations

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Discussion of Results and Scientific Explanations
In this experiment, we were presented with an unknown solid and asked to discover and conclusively prove its identity by testing its physical and chemical properties and comparing them to known samples. The sample was found in a landfill, and in order to decide whether it was a risk to the surrounding environment, we performed tests regarding the conductivity, reactivity, and solubility in order to determine its identity and decide how to deal with the compound.
To begin, we observed the physical properties of our substance. Physical properties include smell, physical appearance, odor, and color, as well as any other properties that can help identify a substance simply from observation. We noticed fairly large, white granules that didn’t have a great tendency to stick to one another. These results can be viewed in Table 1. There was no noticeable odor to our compound, or any other visible identifiers. Sodium Chloride is an odorless, colorless solid that dissolves completely in water. Our results matched these properties.
We then performed a solubility test, since we could narrow down our choices by whether or not our compound was soluble in water. Solubility describes the tendency of a compound to dissolve in a certain solution. The solubility rule, “like dissolves like”, explains how a compound will only dissolve in a solution if it has properties similar to it. For example, polar substances dissolve in polar solutions. The
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